Dental Master Laboratory

Dr. Petra Döhring’s practice has its own complete equipped and modern dental laboratory. This convenience saves the patients a lot of time and makes fast solutions of issues possible.

Another advantage is that the master dental technician is always present and can therefore fulfil the patient’s wishes locally.

Of course Ms. Dr. Döhring always works with magnifying glasses and her own laboratory works with a microscope in order to ensure an excellent accuracy of fit. The accuracy of fit is the patient’s certainty for quality and beauty.

We only work with high-quality material, such as biological Gold, which contains Gold and Platinum, and is therefore, 100 % Paladiumfree.

Unremovable dental prostheses, as Crowns and Bridges, are exclusively made out of Full Contour Zirconia. This means metal is not used at all anymore.

A perfect dental prosthesis has the same quality as a natural tooth. This means it lets light shine a bit through; it is tooth-coloured and extremely strong. It is biocompatible and therefore hypoallergenic.

Gold Crowns or Porcelain to Metal Implant Crown do not fulfil these requirements. All Ceramic Crowns and -Bridges made out of the ceramic zirconium oxide (also known as zirconium) and related ceramics do fulfil the requirements of a natural tooth.