Wellness Practice

In our practice the patient stands in focus! Our dental office in the center of Munich – Briennerstraße to Maximilianplatz – is furnishes according to all rules of wellness.

Due to our great management of commission in our practice we do not have any waiting times. Because after health; time is the most important thing to have. Our goal is an individual dental treatment without any uncomfortable rush.

Every patient in the end decides themselves and therefore needs to be educated as good as it can be. A detailed and comprehensible explanation of all possibilities before every treatment in our practice is thus a matter of course.

In a modern dental office no patient has to suffer pain anymore. Through the application of state-of-the-art anaesthetic techniques a painless dental treatment is possible. Local anaesthetics – Twilight Sleep – Anaesthetic/Narcosis.

Everybody wishes for beautiful and healthy teeth. We are proud to provide you with the highest quality dentistry available in the most comfortable state-of-the art facility. We write Prophylaxis with a capital P (Oder We put a string emphasis on Prophylaxis., which is prevention for your theeth’s health.

It is also able to visit us directly after work. We have all hygienic articles you need to brush your teeth before your dental treatment.



The most important thing to do for your teeth is Prophylaxis and this should not be stopped at home. With the right dental equipment and products you can also do a lot for the health of your teeth at home.

To make it easier for our patients to choose from the right dental hygienic tools we have arranged a Prophylaxisshop in our practice. We source our products directly from the USA. These products are unique and have proved of value for years. They contain a lot of fluorine, which ingresses directly into your teeth by brushing your teeth and prevents for caries.


Bleaching to go

Everybody wishes for brighter and whiter teeth. We can make your dreams come true.

Unfortunately war are always busy. Therefore, we do not find time to make an appointment at our dentist for bleaching; because we still have too much to do in the office.

And for that we found a solution. You just come to our practice get the whiting gel in a minute and then go back home or to your office. The whiting gel takes 30 min to take effect, then brush your teeth and your teeth will shine brighter and whiter.