Dental services

Ms Dr. Döhring studied and did her doctorate in Berlin. She also received her Approbation (the license to be allowed to practice as a dentist in Germany) in Berlin. Since 20 years she practices minimally invasive dentistry and always tries to retain teeth. She advances her education and knowledge as often as she can in order to always be up to date with medical science. Therefore, she also absolved an on-the-job training in California, USA.

Aesthetic dentistry

  • Teethlifting
  • Lumineers
  • Non-Prep-Veneers
  • Dental Ceramic Crown
  • Dental Ceramic Bridge
  • Zirconium oxide
  • Invisible synthetic-fillings
  • Bleaching

Individual prevention

  • professional oral prophylaxis (professional teeth cleaning)
  • Air-Flow treatment
  • examination / aftercare
  • prevention of periodontosis
  • preservation of teeth
  • automatically service of reminders for the next necessary dental treatment

Painfree and anxiety coping

  • local anaesthesia
  • twilight sleep
  • anaesthesia/narcosis

dental prostheses in our own dental laboratory

  • full counter ceramic crowns
  • full counter ceramic bridges
  • full Contour Zirconia Crown
  • ceramic inlays
  • ceramic to metal crown
  • telescope prosthetic
  • complete prosthetic
  • combined denture
  • all kinds of dental splint
  • gum shields

Implant supply

  • full counter ceramic crowns
  • full counter ceramic bridges
  • telescope supply

Paradontosis treatment

  • painless with surface anesthesia
  • ultrasound treatment
  • painless, blood free and with 98% success of the therapy thanks to the usage of a Laser

Dr. Petra Döhring