Laser treatment at your dentist

Our Practice has decided to offer our patients dental treatments with a modern diode-laser. Many clinical studies already prove the successes of laser treatments in dentistry.

Laser Treatments offer a gentle and sensible alternative to a lot of dental treatments, are absolutely harmless and have no side effects.

With our new and modern diode-laser we are able to offer more comfort to our patients. These are just some advantages:

  • Painless Periodontics
  • Almost bloodfree surgical interventions, reducing the bleeding and swelling
  • significantly improved healing prognosis for root canal treatments

These are not the only advantages that make laser treatments more comfortable. By using the laser it is possible to

  • clearly fasten the healing process,
  • shorten the amount of time to be spend on the dentist’s chair and
  • avoid elaborate after treatments.

No drills during the treatment and no drugs during the after treatment.

Without the use of drills, scalpels and stitches during dental procedures, you no longer have to dread making an appointment at the dentist’s office.